What Our Clients Say

Prographics has the opportunity and pleasure of working with so many different people and businesses. Whether your business needs decals for your vehicles or a tent for your Farmer’s Market booth, we always strive to help our customers excel and leave them satisfied.

Pro Graphics did it right.

Dan’s Southside is thrilled on the high quality of signs we received.

Thanks Dave
John Chesky

I have had a wonderful experience working with Dave at Prographics

I have purchased 2 canopies/tents from him and he makes it easy to get quality products at a very fair price. The most recent canopy had an issue with stitching coming lose. After one email to Dave, we received a replacement in the mail -- great customer service!!!

Rob Economy

Always Pleased with the Quality

Thank you, Dave! I’m very pleased with the quality of my 3M Post-it Notes. These are the real deal with excellent sticking power. My clients love the notes and I have the benefit of reminding them how to reach me on every sheet.

-Pam Kitto | Broker/REALTOR

Always On Time

Prographics and Dave Erickson has been integral to the success of many of my businesses over the last decade. They always have what we need and has got it to me on time.

Erick Nelson | Competition Director | American Rally Association


Above and Beyond Service

We very happy with the high quality, performance, and appearance of the tents and signs that we purchased from ProGraphics.

Dave provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to help us design promotional signs that met our needs AND our budget.”

Kirsten | Manager | Maple Grove Farmers Market

Unique Products

The cover looked fantastic and was set up in minute. The gum and mints were well received because they were small, useful, and different from all the other “swag” at the conference. It was a great way to get our name in everyone’s pockets and purses.

Wade Girard

Prographics is a Perfect Partner

In order to put on a national car show that is the size and magnitude of Midwest Mopars in the Park National Car Show & Swap meet, we need a lot of signs and banners. From directing car traffic to the show, to directing foot traffic at the show, to signs that highlight compelling details about specific cars, we have found ProGraphics to be the perfect partner every step of the way. Dave’s insight into what works and what doesn’t, and expertise in picking the right product has been a vital part in making our show the third largest all Mopar car show in the world.

Wade Girard | Director | Midwest Mopars

Prographics Stands Out from Your Competition

Additionally, I especially like the portable light system. It makes for the sharpest and coolest backdrop a person could want. The lights complete the system. You stand out from your competition, when first impressions are everything. We bought our first ‘Banner Up “ seven years ago. What spurted this note was, I just received our third one. I doubt the average guy could tell the difference between the seven year old one that has been to over a hundred events, from the new one.

The indestructible travel cases were worth their weight in gold. Many times we fly to our destinations and we just UPS the Banners to the show. These things are the way to go. just knock down the Banner Ups, put them in the travel cases and throw a UPS label on them and leave.

Hopefully you can use this letter to help others in their decision when promotional dollars are precious and every penny counts. I can personally confirm that you’re not just out to sell product, but to help solve problems and needs for your customer. You have saved my bacon several times over the years.

Dennis Clark | President | Oxygen Research Group


You're in Good Hands

Shopping for SWAG is fun, but it all comes down to service and price. Pro Graphics took care of all the details for my order. Cythia Mug The order arrived with amazing speed, exactly how I wanted my mugs to look! Start the shopping process with Pro Graphics, then kick back, grab a cup of coffee and a donut. You’re in good hands!

Cynthia | Producer & Founder | Advanced TV Herstory, a podcast

Fantastic Customer Service

Good morning Dave,

I just wanted to thank you for all of your work you have done this fall for the Burnsville High School Dance Team. Your customer service has been fantastic! Any time I have an idea that needs executing, I know that you are available to help me find the right product at the right price. Our experience with Prographics was better than we could have imagined. It made fundraising for the team much easier with awesome car decals, pop sockets and water-bottles. Thank you!


What a Great Price

I really like the pens I ordered from Prographics. It’s a nice looking, sturdy, well-functioning pen with the added bonus of a great price.

Diane Kelly | Communications Director | Cedar Valley Church

8600 Bloomington Ave S,
Bloomington, MN 55425

Good Value

We have gotten good value out of our Bic pens that we ordered. The pens are a great way to market and promote the business. The cost was very reasonable for our business. Bic produces a high quality product that has been reliable. Thank you for your help.

Mike Andersen | Red Pine Investment Council Inc.

Great Delivery


Thank you for once again coming the rescue!

We love the mugs and delivery.

Diane Kelly | Communications Director | Cedar Valley Church

I have had a wonderful experience working with Dave at Prographics. I have purchased 2 canopies/tents from him and he makes it easy to get quality products at a very fair price. The most recent canopy had an issue with stitching coming lose. After one email to Dave, we received a replacement in the mail -- great customer service!!!


Easy Assembly!

Working with Prographics was very easy. The process was fairly straight forward in getting materials from you and delivery was very quick. The backdrop was very easy to assemble as long as you can count up to 10. Teardown was even easier.

Tom Alessi, Sproutmation Robotics

Performed as Expected!

The tents purchased for the Saint Paul Farmers Market have performed as you said they would.  They are easy to set up, one of the strongest yet lightest tents we have at our markets.  The colors on the canopy are still vibrant and look sharp after a few years of using them.  They have been a great investment for our markets.
Larry Hill
President, Saint Paul Growers Association

We heard about Pro Graphics from a fellow musician in La Crosse, who had ordered lighters with his band logo on it.

He told us Pro Graphics was easy to work with, helpful but not pushy, completely reliable and reasonably priced. He was so right.

We decided to order pens with the band's logo on the clip. All the guys in the band were so pumped when our box of Tabasco Cat pens arrived. It's been so fun to hand them out to people, both at shows and between shows. We've had people tell us the Tabasco Cat pen is their new favorite pen, and not just because they love the band.

Not only do these pens look cool (like the members of Tabasco Cat), they are excellent writers (unlike some band members ... hahahahaha). We also got a great Tabasco Cat banner from Pro Graphics that gives people a visual sense of our professionalism and is so durably made it'll probably outlast the band.

The question now is what do we order next: keychains, can koozies, bottle openers, stickers, pins, coffee cups, T-shirts, license plate frames ... we could even get fly swatters with the Tabasco Cat branding on them.