Successful Trade Show on a Budget

If you think you need a large investment to have a trade show presence you would be incorrect. For a surprisingly small amount you can have a successful trade show on a small budget. We recently worked with getting ready for their first show presentation and provided a custom printed table cover and some very unique promotional products to hand out.

“The cover looked fantastic and was set up in minute. The gum and mints were well received because they were small, useful, and different from all the other “swag” at the conference. It was a great way to get our name in everyone’s pockets and purses”. Wade Girard

For more impact you can add a backdrop. Choose a completely manufactured assembly or a simple custom printed fabric that conveniently hangs from the typical piping present at most trade shows. Add a lighted retractable banner, promotional items like pens or decals and you have an impressive but inexpensive display you have just carried in and quickly set up. You are now ready for business! Check out our trade show section.