Last of the Outdoor Good Guys, Midwest Mountaineering

Rod Johnson starting Midwest Mountaineering 50 years ago is a remarkable story. What’s most remarkable is he is still in charge overseeing the business today. I have been a customer at his store since the early eighties as well as a vendor since Prographics got it’s start in 1997 providing banners, decals, and signs. His store not only provides the highest quality personal outdoor sports products and clothing his staff is very experienced to guide you to make the right purchase. Plus they continue to offer training and seminars to help you become familiar and better at your favorite outdoor sport from winter camping to Kayaking, Canoeing, and climbing. The camping accessory department is worth the trip alone.

Shown are photos of our latest Midwest Mountaineering projects featuring Patagonia. Window graphics and antique looking dimensional sign.