Do You Need Show Display Help?

Do you have an opportunity to have a display booth at an event? Not sure how to go about setting one up when you only have a limited budget? Prographics has the Answers and the sources to provide just what you will need for whatever budget you have to work with.

The typical display booth is a 10′ wide with 8′ high drapes as backdrop available with space for a table and chairs and other items. A simple banner hanging from the top rail and add a printed table cover and you are ready to show off your business for very little. You can add and upright banner or sign, brochures, business cards, and give away promotional items with your logo imprinted. Add a vertical flag or two, a canopy and you really get more noticed before people are in front of your booth.

Use your imagination to get the most out of your investment at your show. We help our customers with some really interesting and clever displays and have a lot of sources for competitively price products.