Bloomington Historical Society

Each year we, at ProGraphics, are proud to lend a hand to the Bloomington Historical Society with transporting displays and other items to the annual Bloomington Heritage Days held in “Oxboro” area, the original Bloomington, Minnesota downtown area. We also provide signs and banners and whatever new display items that might be needed.2106-heritage-day-webBloomington is one of the oldest established communities in the state of Minnesota and has a rich history dating back centuries before ever becoming a state. The Historical Society is headed up by Vonda Kelly and her sidekick Larry Granger and have done a fantastic job of rediscovering and preserving much of Bloomington, Minnesota’s rich history. They maintain a fantastic museum in the renovated original town hall building at 10200 Penn Ave So.

Anyone who lives in or grew up in Bloomington area owes it to themselves and their children to tour this gem and learn about Bloomington’s important role in Minnesota history. Buy a Brick on the plaza and support the Bloomington Historical Society and be part of history.